Monday, February 21, 2011

Another One Gone

It's been a sad but proud week for youngest 'angel babe" daughter moved out and back to California. Last week my husband and I helped her move all her millions of clothes and what not up to Santa Barbara, California, in with her cousin. Its a small apartment but it's one she can call her own, along with her cousin and her cousins friend. They all sleep in one room, all take turns in the same bathroom...but its her own and she is on her own.

It is sad though ... she is the last of my kids to leave (altho my other daughter Lindsay is only living here temporarily with us till she moves out AGAIN in April). I am one of the many women with "empty nest syndrome." I know it is suppose to be a grand time and I am sure in time I will enjoy it but I was the type of mom that loved commotion and chaos and alot of noise from kids, and now my house is almost empty. What do we do when this happens? What do we do to fill the time we use to use taking care of the kids and worrying about them .. altho I will still worry, probably more even now that she is on her own!

I am so proud of her, she is only 19 and just needed to spread her wings a little. She is the daughter I pretty much raised on my own as her father was not around. I must say I did a pretty good job in raising her also. Although she is stubborn as all get out, has a mind set all her own and there is no changing that, is most definitely a "fashionista", she can put an outfit together out of paper bags if she had to; an amazing make up artist and just a beautiful soul! I love her to death and will miss her everyday but I am happy for her as she is doing what she wants to do!


Angela said...

welcome back! I've missed your posts :( Sorry we didn't get to say goodbye to Aarika... we will miss her! Hope she finds happiness back in CA. Good luck adjusting to the empty nest... you will learn to love it!

Aarika Marie said...

awww mom you make me cry! i love you and we need to skype!