Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Beautiful Love

It is not often a photographer can perfectly capture the true essence of a couples love ... I had the pleasure of having Smitten Photography photograph my daughter's wedding and when they say a picture is worth a thousand words ... they are not kidding! (

As our photographer Sharon said .. . "lindsay and tony have that easy kind of love that just draws you in...they were naturally lost in each other."

Her pictures captured this amazing and beautiful love!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Daughter's Wedding

We could not have asked for a more beautiful night! Everyone we loved and cherished was there. The skies were blue and full of stars and the weather was perfect. The bride and groom so in love and so happy this day was finally here. Lindsay and Tony, my daughter and new son-in-law exchanged wedding vows at 6:00 PM, July 17th!

The feelings within me as I watched my daughter marry this amazing young man is beyond what words could describe. Lindsay is the most beautiful bride; she emulated beauty from the inside out. Her face lit up as I have never seen before; her smile never ending... I have never seen such a beautiful and happy young woman, and this young woman was my 26 year old daughter! It filled my heart with love and happiness. Not a tear was shed. It was a day of joy and new beginnngs and there was no reason to cry. I had never seen Lindsay this happy and I knew as I saw her say her vows that she had met the man of her dreams and she would be forever happy.

Her new life has started. My life has changed once again; but this was a good change, this was a change for happiness.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Today I believe in destiny and fate. For years now, as you have read in the post below, I have wanted to move to Texas, and there was always a reason I did not, whether it was self made reasons or reasons beyond my immediate control. But this time, this time is different. And maybe it is because I have finally taken all the steps to make it happen ... I am not sure. All I can say is that destiny and fate are in place!

Several months ago my family, including my daughter and her finance, decided to move to Texas. Plans were made, things set in motion. I found a house on a street I have always wanted to live, my work was in place ... everything was in place. Then just as fast as it was all planned, it got ripped out from under me. And maybe that was my fault as I had never wanted to move far from my kids, and I let their change of decision affect my dreams of moving there. Be it the right thing to do or not, I chose to stay in California closer to my daughters. So as quickly as the dream came, the dream vanished ... or so I thought ... until the flip of a coin!

Not much had been said about the move to Texas since that disappointing decision to stay in California...that is not until this past weekend on July 4th and a flip of a coin!

My husband Jim, has always been quite understanding in that as much as he also has wanted to move to Texas, he knew my kids meant more than moving and yet he also knew that if Lindsay and Tony and/or Aarika ever changed their minds about Texas, we would be right there with them!

Lindsay and Tony have been going back and forth, as young people do, as to what to do in life!! If only I had that choice again! Should they live in Fresno, down in Southern California or possibly once again, consider Texas? Neither could decide ...

Then, out of the blue, Tony said, "OK, lets flip for it." First flip would be Fresno vs Texas and second flip would be the winner of the first vs. Southern California. Well the coin flipped and Texas won the first flip; the coin was again flipped and low and behold, the "gods" were on our side ... Texas won the second flip! And over the flip of a coin our fates were sealed! We are moving to Texas!

Life doesn't get any better than this~!

Photo of truck owned by Dog Patch Restaurant, Munsing, MI

Monday, July 5, 2010

Less than two weeks and counting for my daughters wedding. Spent almost the entire weekend either cleaning the house or fixin' the yard much for goin' up to the lake! But I am glad we didn't, as we did get alot done. Few more things to do this week after work, then I think I pretty much have it done...except of course, then there are all the beauty routines; the facials, and manicures and pedicures. Oh, and we cannot forget my daughters bachelorette party!!

I was so excited on Saturday as I got my "old fashioned bread pan" baker from Faded Prairie! I love it! My husband cannot see the possibilities of things, so at first he thought I was a little nuts buying it --- but he should know by now, he should never under estimate me!!

So here it is ...

Thanks Kristin!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy 4th of July

My Heart Belongs to Texas

What an incredible time I have had sitting in my home in Southern California viewing the beautiful countryside throughout the United States. So many women whose blogs I have visited live in the most amazing, most beautiful and most inspiring places I have ever seen.

Southern California has sand, surf and sun ... 24/7. Yet, I would give that up any day of the week to see the beauty I have seen through these incredible blogs. It is no wonder there is such inspiration and creativity in these blogs. Don't get me wrong, California is a nice place to live and there are many benefits to living here, but as I "grow up", it is no longer my ideal place to live my life. I am are hurried, stressed ... cell phone in one hand,steering wheel in the other; it seems I never take time to enjoy the small insignificant things; to look at and really enjoy the beauty that surrounds me; to enjoy what is right in front of me; I always have somewhere to go or something to do. I am ready for a slower paced lifestyle and as much as California has been my home for over 45 years; it really doesn't not feel like home. It does not penetrate my soul.

What does speak to me ... Texas. I go as often as I can and with every trip, I come back and tell my self ... next year will be the year I move there! And to this day, I have never made next year happen because it is always once again being said ... next year. It is time I stop saying that and make the move. To live where the skies are bluer than anything else on earth and the clouds so billowy, I feel I can reach up and grab them; to experience lighting and thunder and the four seasons; to be treated like a person that counts; and where children young and old say yes ma'am and no ma'am, and thank you!

Texas calls out to me often ... and has called out even louder lately as I have seen the extraordinary picturesque countryside, met such charming women and seen inspiration and beauty created from these exquisite places!

There is a God-like presence in Texas, I feel it everytime I am there. And the strangest thing happens when I am there ... I begin to feel like me! I don't question myself ... I am where I am suppose to be ...