Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Today I believe in destiny and fate. For years now, as you have read in the post below, I have wanted to move to Texas, and there was always a reason I did not, whether it was self made reasons or reasons beyond my immediate control. But this time, this time is different. And maybe it is because I have finally taken all the steps to make it happen ... I am not sure. All I can say is that destiny and fate are in place!

Several months ago my family, including my daughter and her finance, decided to move to Texas. Plans were made, things set in motion. I found a house on a street I have always wanted to live, my work was in place ... everything was in place. Then just as fast as it was all planned, it got ripped out from under me. And maybe that was my fault as I had never wanted to move far from my kids, and I let their change of decision affect my dreams of moving there. Be it the right thing to do or not, I chose to stay in California closer to my daughters. So as quickly as the dream came, the dream vanished ... or so I thought ... until the flip of a coin!

Not much had been said about the move to Texas since that disappointing decision to stay in California...that is not until this past weekend on July 4th and a flip of a coin!

My husband Jim, has always been quite understanding in that as much as he also has wanted to move to Texas, he knew my kids meant more than moving and yet he also knew that if Lindsay and Tony and/or Aarika ever changed their minds about Texas, we would be right there with them!

Lindsay and Tony have been going back and forth, as young people do, as to what to do in life!! If only I had that choice again! Should they live in Fresno, down in Southern California or possibly once again, consider Texas? Neither could decide ...

Then, out of the blue, Tony said, "OK, lets flip for it." First flip would be Fresno vs Texas and second flip would be the winner of the first vs. Southern California. Well the coin flipped and Texas won the first flip; the coin was again flipped and low and behold, the "gods" were on our side ... Texas won the second flip! And over the flip of a coin our fates were sealed! We are moving to Texas!

Life doesn't get any better than this~!

Photo of truck owned by Dog Patch Restaurant, Munsing, MI