Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Digital Media Class

I just started my digital media class with Cindy Powell of Digital Montage Studios and it is so much fun! I love it. I have always wanted to experiment with digital art ... and I am amazed at how many resources are out there in "Internet land" to make digital art a reality! It's great. The first picture's assignment was titled "windows of the soul" and the second was working on "distressed borders".

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Simi Valley

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Time Flys

Time seems to be flying by now ... getting closer and closer to our moving date of September 30th! We found a house and will be leasing it for at least a year until we get our bearings in Texas. I could not believe the difference in size and lease prices as to what we are paying here in California. AMAZING!! It has so many trees ... it had to. I just could not move into a neighborhood that reminded me of track homes!

This past weekend we cleaned out the garage ... oh what a job! I have been saving school papers and art work for over 28 years from my kids "younger years" and they told me they did not want any of it. I was so shocked ... it was so difficult to throw it out. All the little artwork they brought home from kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade ... and of course all of the Mothers Day gifts!! I miss those times of innocence when our children were so excited to run home and give us their "present." Those I will keep forever ... the other things, regrettably, I threw away.

And this coming weekend is the big moving sale! Have to get up early Saturday morning, those garage sale junkies start at around 5:00 AM!!!

I am getting more and more excited as the time gets closer ... what I want to do is get started on the projects I have waiting for me! Need to get my hands into creating ...

Monday, August 2, 2010

Torn Between Two States

Why are changes so difficult and emotional? I am living this right now. I am taking all the right steps to get things in order so that my family and I can move to Texas, and yet, at the same time, my heart fills with sadness when I think of leaving my family ... especially my mom and dad. I have never been more than 4 hours away from them and now I will be 24 hours away. Although spontaneity can still be a part of my life ... trips to mom and dads will take a little more planning once I move.

Texas, has been a dream of mine for so long ... and now that it is finally coming true, I begin to question myself. And I have to stop that. That's why I never seem to go forward in my life ... I am always questioning, and then comes that horrific negative thinking that can tear me down in the snap of a finger. I need every ones strength and encouragement to get me past September 30 ... moving day! Once I am on my way, I can do it. I am not kidding myself here, I know it will still be difficult and sad being away. A new state, new friends, new life, new home ...but so much of me wants this. I need to do this move for me.

I am so looking forward to the storms, the antique stores, being closer to all the creative workshops ... horned toads ... margaritas, beer and cigars!!

Scary or not ... Texas, here I come!