Monday, August 2, 2010

Torn Between Two States

Why are changes so difficult and emotional? I am living this right now. I am taking all the right steps to get things in order so that my family and I can move to Texas, and yet, at the same time, my heart fills with sadness when I think of leaving my family ... especially my mom and dad. I have never been more than 4 hours away from them and now I will be 24 hours away. Although spontaneity can still be a part of my life ... trips to mom and dads will take a little more planning once I move.

Texas, has been a dream of mine for so long ... and now that it is finally coming true, I begin to question myself. And I have to stop that. That's why I never seem to go forward in my life ... I am always questioning, and then comes that horrific negative thinking that can tear me down in the snap of a finger. I need every ones strength and encouragement to get me past September 30 ... moving day! Once I am on my way, I can do it. I am not kidding myself here, I know it will still be difficult and sad being away. A new state, new friends, new life, new home ...but so much of me wants this. I need to do this move for me.

I am so looking forward to the storms, the antique stores, being closer to all the creative workshops ... horned toads ... margaritas, beer and cigars!!

Scary or not ... Texas, here I come!


Sea Gypsy said...

I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed my visit to your blog. I am going to go back and add you to my links page. I look forward to hearing about your Texas move. The pics of the wedding are beautiful!