Friday, June 28, 2013

Do you ever wonder how age just creeps up on a person? One day we wake up and look in the mirror and wonder who is looking back at us. Sometimes it is quite the surprise.

Where did those parenthesis lines come from; those lines around the lips -It is the parenthesis lines and the lip lines that are the worst. Maybe I could deal with everything else - well then, maybe not ... when the clothes come off is when it is OMG! Gravity has sunk in. Where did those perky boobs go? And that flat stomach? Let see how many kids contributed to that bulge down in the tummy area!! Not a pleasant site to see … lol. But it is something we have to get use to and own if we are going to get through the rest of this life as happy campers!

I have to admit there are days I do struggle with it - mostly the face. The body is mostly covered up -I am one of those women who do not wear lingerie to bed but stick to the good ol flannels and even sweats if it’s real cold. But the face, I see that every day. Give me a magnified mirror and it’s like I am in a horror show! Where did those wrinkles and brown spots come from??? 

I was purusing through a magazine last night and had just also reently gone shopping and one of my biggest pet peeves ... the beautiful young models used for cosmetic lines. They are promoting the latest in wrkinkle creams - seriously??!! Look at the makeup  section of department stores. We walk in with the hopes of finding that lotion, cream or even blush that will take ten years off and we are faced,  plastered all over, with the beautiful faces of models - - young models, with no wrinkles, no age spots who don’t even need half the stuff these cosmetic lines sell. We all want to look like them, even at 50+.  So what do we do; we buy the products - if they can look like that why can’t we? So the salesperson wraps our miracle products up and sends us home - on our way to a more youthful glow! We apply these miracle products night after night and day after day; and we wait, and we look in the mirror and we wait some more, and look again. And this time - we notice our lines are not so harsh, a little softer (I mean softer wrinkles are better than hard wrinkles - right??) Could these products really be working, or are we just hoping that we see a difference. Whatever the case, it’s made us feel better and we are happier at the woman looking back at us! And we will keep using it and go back for the next miracle product!

Everyone handles aging differently. Some woman resort to plastic surgery, others to injections and then there are those women who believe  God has blessed them with this beautiful face and it should not be tampered with. Those lines tell the story of your life. Yes some lines may be hard, but some stuff in life is hard; and then you look at your laugh lines and remember all the good times you’ve had, and it makes those lines perfect just the way they are!

I do wish cosmetic lines would embrace the older models – there are some gorgeous 50+ women out in this world - and include them in their marketing. They need to embrace that woman who has led a real life - with its ups and downs and her face the better for it ...  the face with character. Age is not a bad thing. We have lived this life and stood strong through all of its challenges and should be proud of every minute, no regrets, no do-overs ... just the way you are ~  it is your life ~ love each of those lines – they got you where you are today!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

I cannot believe it has been almost two years since I have blogged last. Guess I kind of got out of the mood or was not sure what to write about - still do not really, but thought I would try it again.

 In looking at the blogs out there, or at least the ones I come across, that so many of them are written by younger women - and lets just say I would not count myself as one of the younger ones, although in spirit I  see myself there!! But I do not relate to them as they are blogging about their kids and such, and there are a lot of us out here who are way beyond those child bearing years and actually waiting to be a Granma! Maybe I am not looking in the right places ... any suggestions out there????

I am 57 with a birthday coming up and still trying to find myself and what inspires me. I read great stories and articles about how women follow their dreams and just do it - but I am stuck, how does one just do it? And secondly how do you know what your dream is and is it really worth pursuing? I have been with the same company for 25 years, and although the pay is good and generally I like the work, it is not my passion. It does not inspire me to be creative and do more. I ask myself all of the time, what is my passion - how do you determine that? I like doing crafts, I like decorating my house, yet that does not do it for me. And I really do not know what does. Are any of you like this, where you just feel stuck in your life and you do not know what to do or how to get out of the rut?

 Several years back I took writing classes at UCLA online and loved it. But there are so many writers out there, I just say to myself, you are just wasting your time; you will never get published. I have a son who died almost 8 years ago now, of which I have either wanted to write a story about him or a children’s story about disabled children and acceptance, but I don’t – and why don’t I? Who the heck knows? That’s my frustration. Why can't I make myself do these things?

And the funny thing about this is that although I am 57, my parents are still alive and one of my biggest fears is that I will not have accomplished anything worthwhile before they pass away. What kind of thinking is that?

I am afraid but of what I do not know, and everyone says I don't need to why; I just need to do it. OK bloggers, how do I just do it? How do you go forward with your dreams and how do you know what these dreams really are? I guess you could say I need some help!!