Monday, July 5, 2010

Less than two weeks and counting for my daughters wedding. Spent almost the entire weekend either cleaning the house or fixin' the yard much for goin' up to the lake! But I am glad we didn't, as we did get alot done. Few more things to do this week after work, then I think I pretty much have it done...except of course, then there are all the beauty routines; the facials, and manicures and pedicures. Oh, and we cannot forget my daughters bachelorette party!!

I was so excited on Saturday as I got my "old fashioned bread pan" baker from Faded Prairie! I love it! My husband cannot see the possibilities of things, so at first he thought I was a little nuts buying it --- but he should know by now, he should never under estimate me!!

So here it is ...

Thanks Kristin!


Lindsay Alexis said...

is that what that thing was in the extra room? I saw it on the chair and was thinking what the heck is that LOL i am assuming you will use it to decorate, not bake yes? :)