Friday, June 17, 2011

Missing Family

Never did realize how difficult it would be to be away from my girls! I surely do miss them ... seeing them every week ... it's not the same 1400 miles away and talking on the phone.

Missing my mom and dad and brothers and sisters also. My dad emailed me today to thank me for his Texas Pecan Pie and I just started to cry.

Don't ever take family for granted ... far or close always love them and cherish them.


Lindsay said...

we miss you too mom!! you are always welcome to move back to california ;) you know we arent going anywhere LOL
we love you!!

Jamie said...

I know how hard this is for you. Wish TX was next door to CA! That would help a little, eh?!? Three years in IL was EXTREMELY rough for me. I had Drew and the kids, but missed extended family more than I realized I would. Hang in there for a little while . . . we have more exploring to do, then I'll let you return! Love you!