Friday, June 3, 2011


Seems lately I have been struggling with what to do in life. I am almost 56 and still dont know what I should be doing and what my real passion is? Do any of you out there have that same problem. I love to create and I see all these awesome some sites of women creating and love their work, but what is unique to me is what I am struggling with??? I can take someones else idea and make it my own by changing it up but whey cant I ever think of my own ideas. It is so frustrating. How do I dig deep into my soul and find out whats there. I struggle with this day in and day out.

Now trying some sewing crafts to see if that is where my passions lie. I like putting things together; don't like drawing but can put together stuff real well, I am creative like that so hopefully I will create something I fall in love with with sewing or with fabrics...who knows.


Sharon Wengel said...

I don't know if anyone has a compleatly orriginal idea ,I think they see something somewhere that sparks a new idea. We are all like that. I know I am , I see something I love and I think , "what can I do with that ? How can I make it my own ? " Lets face it God is the only one with the orriginal ideas !

Mary said...

Sharon, your creativity itself will lead you to places that you will find joy in. Just keep at it, be open to it, and read lots of inspiring work in your fave blogs and in photos on flickr...anything can inspire you! Try everything that interests you and see what feels right. : ) ~Mary