Sunday, June 27, 2010

Getting Ready for Wedding

What a day ... one by one though I am checking items off of my "to do" list getting ready for my daughters BIG DAY. With only 3 weekends left, there is no time to waste!

So today I cut slits into the tops of corks which we are using for name card holders. Only cut myself once with the hacksaw, so wasn't too bad! My daughter, Lindsay's finance is Italian and loves his wine so we are doing a wine theme; now just have to find 15 bottles of wines to mark each table...think I will go to Bev-Mo, they always have good sales.

Being the beautiful hot day that it is in California today, thought what better time to go pull weeds from the rose garden! It's amazing how fast weeds can grow ... seems I just did it! But luckily the ground was soft and they pulled right out, roots and all. Hoping they stay away at least till after July 17th.

Next weekend taking a break, July 4th weekend and have 3 days off, so heading to the lake, and I cannot wait; first time this summer I will be up there. Riding the wave runner is so freeing ... I can ride for what seems like miles. And the water is so warm ... I just love it. It's real dry up at the lake so not sure if there will be fireworks to watch ...might have to watch some on TV if want to see them. Even without fireworks, it's going to be a great weekend for the family!