Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Power of Dream

This poem seems so relevant to women who dream and to women who don't know how to dream, but want to ...

To have a dream in your heart that you must make come true, to think about constantly - even wake up at two or three in the morning when every things still, plotting and scheming new ways to fulfill this desire that's burning so deeply inside, it's no wish or whim - it will not be denied.

Imagine it happening - set a picture in your mind, your dreams hold the power of how you will find a way that will lead you to all, for when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Then strive on believing your dream will come true, be consistent, persistent in all that you do.

You'll come across hurdles - you'll stumble and fall, some days it will seem like your back's against the wall. Frustrated and weary and filled with self doubt but a voice from within you will rise up and shout, "You know you can do this - just stick to your schemes. Don't dwell on the obstacles - focus on your dreams.

Be self-disciplined - do whatever it takes, for the wall around success is to keep out the fakes. Whether you make them come true or let your dreams fade, one thing is for certain, a price will be paid.

The choice is all yours. - Marilyn-

Picture courtesy of Illumine Art Enterprises