Monday, March 7, 2011

50 Random Things

I found this on Mrs. Yellow Ribbons blog and thought it was a good way to get to know someone. It is 50 random things about yourself. So here is goes in no specific order ...

  1. I rolled my hair in orange juice cans when I was a teenager so my hair would be straight.

  2. Today I wish I had that curly hair back

  3. I hate putting silver ware away in the dishwasher

  4. I always dreamt of being Annie Oakley when I was little

  5. I had a little kitten my PaPa gave me named Frisky, when I was young

  6. I always beat the boys in elementary school in arm wrestling as I was so good!

  7. My folks made me wear "clodhoppers" to school and I would take them off on the way to school and put on tennis shoes

  8. My folks would not let us ever wear fish nets and when they finally said we could, they were out of style!

  9. I had to put cucumbers on my eyes the night before my first wedding...I was crying.

  10. I roll my hair up every day no matter what I am doing.

  11. I would love to grow my hair long now but don't have the patience

  12. I never wear fingernail polish

  13. I love pedicures and facials and shoulder massages

  14. I wear the same jewlery all the time -- wedding ring, mothers rings, bangle bracelet and gold hoops

  15. I fear something will happen to my daughters everyday - I pray to God to keep them safe

  16. I don't shave my legs very often in the winter

  17. I sleep in sweats and a sweat shirt - real romantic!

  18. I love the wind

  19. I lived through two huge quakes in California

  20. I love thunder and Lightning

  21. I like chaos from children in the house

  22. I do not like a quiet house

  23. I love peanut butter and mayonnaise on saltine crackers

  24. I love corn bread with chocolate pudding and biscuits with white gravy

  25. I hate vegetables

  26. My folks would make me sit at the table until I finished every last vegetable on my plate

  27. I like to clean the house

  28. I hate cleaning showers

  29. I love my kids beyond belief

  30. I would give any thing to see my son just one more time

  31. I love my two yorkies -- Phoebe and Finnegan

  32. I married a guy I knew in high school some 30 years later!

  33. I never was able to please my dad

  34. Want to please my dad still to this day -- whats wrong with me??

  35. I like big hair

  36. I dont ever wear mouse or any products in my hair

  37. I want to grow a garden of vegetables

  38. I have the same routine every morning -- wake up , walk to bathroom, plug curlers in, turn on shower, take shower, dry off, brush teeth, floss, rinse, dry hair, roll up hair, put on makeup, take curlers out and get dressed! Everyday same thing

  39. I hate heights

  40. I love lakes and rivers

  41. I wish I could water ski

  42. I want to make a photo book of the disabled -- they are so mistreated in our soceity

  43. I want to do something in honor of my son

  44. I love pictures on the wall and pictures and paintings of peoples faces

  45. I cannot wait till my daughter has a baby

  46. I love to decorate my house

  47. I know I spend too much money but its usually not on me but stuff for my house

  48. I wish I were not so afraid to try new things

  49. I wish I could carry out my creativity more

  50. I cannot believe I could think of 50 random things!

Now lets see 50 random things about you!


Lindsay said...

cute post mom :) i am thinking i will steal it this week lol
btw i love #45 ;)

Anonymous said...

OK, I am going to "try" and play...we'll see how I do.