Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hi All it has been a while since I have blogged. Have been super busy getting my house in order, things put away and pictures hung. I think I hung my last pictures in my husbands office today...that is until I acquire some more. Looking for a vintage picuture of a woman to put in my bathroom, so got to go peruse those antique stores!

My daughter and her husband are moving out next week, so it Will just be me the hubby and four dogs!! Will surely be quiet for awhile. Will miss them all more than they realize.

I need to get started on my crafts. Seems with work i never have time. i sign up for all of these online classes and then cannot do them as of do you all manage the two things?

Have a happy Weekend. going to my aunt and uncles for their 60th wedding anniversary! Cannot even imagine that...Happy Anniversary Aunt Barbara and Uncle Dick!


Tracy said...

See you soon!

Angela said...

looking forward to being together this weekend! I would looove to come visit your new place and take the tour! NEXT WEEK DEFINITELY (if you're not too busy)