Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Favorite Things

I got this from Lindsay over at Sweet American Honey and it looks like fun so thought I'd see what I came up with ...

Favorite Time of Day -Mornings. I am a morning person, can get up and start the day right away

Favorite Season - Summer, I like the heat

Favorite Month - December, for the holidays

Favorite Holiday - Christmas, although thanksgiving is a close first

Favorite Subject in School - History

Favorite Channel - Don't Have one

Favorite Color - red and any shade of red

Favorite Song - Don't have one

Favorite Movie - hmmm, so many Dr. Zhivago

Favorite Celebrity - Ed Harris - always thought he was so sexy

Favorite kind of Music - Country

Favorite TV Show - Criminal Minds

Favorite Thing To Do - Be creative

Favorite Place in the World - Italy

Favorite Hobby - making things

Favorite Animal - Yorkshire terrier

Favorite Place to Live - Not sure yet

Favorite Place to Vacation - tropics

Favorite Restaurant - Islands

Favorite Food - Chips

Favorite thing to Cook -Mexican food

Favorite thing to Drink - diet coke

Favorite Chore - yeah right ...!

Favorite Makeup Product - hydroxtone

Favorite Hair Product - hair dye!

Favorite Lotion - Victoria Secret Pear

Favorite Perfume - Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely

Favorite Memory - camping with my children in Sequoia and going on road trip back to Illinois and most recently my daughter's was everything she and I had always planned!

Favorite Blogger - Sweet American Honey

Favorite thing to Blog About - have not decided

Favorite Book - don't have one, but like autobiographies and biographies

Favorite thing to Wear - jeans and sweatshirt

Favorite Kind of Day - warm, slightly windy and crystal clear

Favorite Job - having my own creative store