Monday, March 14, 2011

An Empty Nest

I seem to be getting closer and closer to the empty nest. So many parents look forward to this time in their lives, but have to tell you...I am not. I love having my kids around and next month I will be without any around. In fact they will even be out of state.

When we all moved here to Texas never in a million years did I think 6 months later I would be left here with no kids, but that's whats happening. Seems they just don't like Texas and cannot wait to get back to sunny California. I know my daughter and her husband would have moved out as they were only here as a temporary thing but my other daughter Aarika, 19 seems so young for her to be in another state and on her own. I always thought she would be at home till about 22.

This whole thing about living my life now and all of that..i lived my life when my kids were here, that's part of who I am. Now I have to figure out who I am without them. I'll still be a mom but not a live in om like I was. that part of my life will be over and I am not sure I am ready for that.

It is sad for me, when I think about it I cry. I miss Aarika so much and when Lindsay goes next will be even harder having them both gone. What to do next????


Angela said...

my mom and Jamie and others who have gone through the "empty nest" seem to have really embraced it! Start doing more for yourself and your husband; learn a new hobby... and sooner than you realize you will have precious grandchildren to spoil and they can come to your house to stay. How fun! :) Good luck

Lindsay said...

oh momma you will be ok :)
you will be in california WAY more than you think you will since we will be back there. and hopefully sooner than later there will be little ones around ;)
you know we will call, text, and email ALL THE TIME!!

Jamie said...

Being a mom never ends. it doesn't matter if our children are next door, or across the miles, missing them is normal. We've had our time to enjoy them, the sweetest part of their beginning. Now they have to move on and start their own life. Our little birdies must fly from our nest. We did a good job with our children . . . moving on is normal.

We have to close a chapter in our book, and move to the next. If we don't we can't find out what happens in the future. Live each day to the fullest, enjoy each moment. Life is full of ups, downs and changes. Good, bad, whatever, that is what makes our "book" interesting.

Anonymous said...

I had a hard time with empty nest too Sharon. Everyone kept telling me it would get better in time. Several years later, I still grieved with a quiet house.

My husband and I ended up adopting two children from the state foster system. There are so many sweet children out there in great need of a home and family. You could be the loving lifeline they so badly need and in turn your home will be filled with giggles again.