Monday, May 23, 2011

All Alone

I am officially an "empty nester". Both my daughters are now moved back to sunny California and i am here three states away in Texas. I never imageined my family would be separated by three states let alone three cities, but here I find myself in this situation. It is sad for me. I cannot just run down the street and visit them, now I have to make plans and take time to go and visit them...not sure I am liking that. But I promised my husband at least two years in Texas, soI have to stick to that. It is not that I dont like Texas, I do like Texas, I like my home, living near my cousins, but I too, also miss Simi Valley. Not so much California but Simi Valley where I lived for thirty some odd years. where my kids grew up, got married, graduated and where my son died. How do I leave that history behind. I am not the kind of person that can do that. There is no history here for me in Texas. Sure I have maybe 40 some years to make it, but do I really want to make it when my entire family lives in California?

It is hard to be away ... in the meantime I will take some writing classes, some art classes , go visit places in Texas i have never seen, and make the best of it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon! Don't worry, everything will work out. Home is what you make it, and I'm so happy to see and hear about all your new adventures in Texas. Texas has sooo much to offer, not to mention a great economy that makes it much easier to enjoy a happy life. Your daughters will learn to fend for themselves, and they will soon learn where they truly want to make a home. Stand your ground and be strong, we are all rooting for you! Don't be afraid to live out your dreams!