Thursday, May 5, 2011

You know how sometimes you take a class and you wonder if it is working or not ... well in the Soul Restoration course I am taking I was wondering that, but you know what? What they say does sink in ... this morning at 5:30 (when i get up to go to gym) I just did not want to go, I wanted to sleep so I lay there awhile and kept say to myself , as Soul Restoration taught us to say... "she did it anyway." So I am thinking of the phrase and I was so tired but I had to do it anyway. So got up and went to gym and felt better for it after all!

Tonight going to one of those "romance" parties. My cousin is hosting it so should be quite fun...especially with margaritas and daiquiris!!


Lindsay said...

Good Job Mom!!!! :)

Angela said...

woo hoo, thanks for coming last night! And I am SHOCKED to see you actually posting again! Welcome back :)