Wednesday, May 11, 2011

There are times that I think all a mother can do is just to love and support her children regardless of the decisions they make. My 19 year old decided she did not like Texas and had to get back to California so I had to let her go. Too young in my opinion to be on her own. But she upped and moved and so far, although it has been a bit rough, is doing fairly well. It is not always what we as mothers want, but as long as she is safe and has a roof over her head and food in her stomach I have to let her go and spread her wings.

Then there is my other daughter Lindsay and her hubby Tony who also do not like it here in Texas and although they are working here, they just do not want to be here. So much so that it is making my daughter sick. Not Texas but the idea that she lives here and not in California. There is this draw to California and I guess if I were her age I would want the same. Thats where she grew up, thats her home and where all her friends and most of her family are. She doesn't want to be away from them. Although she is leaving her mama in Texas by, I would rather she be with Aarika and they have each other.

So much for my big plans that everyone would live happily ever after here in Texas. I guess visisting and living here are two different things. So the girls say.

As for me...I will not come to a conclusion just yet and give it more time .... that is of course unless my daughter has my grandchildren!!