Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Countdown to Holidays

OK today is the day I start! I started back to Curves after years 0f being away...got up at 6:30 AM and went over there and did my 30 minute workout! Since I have not worked out in quite a while it kind of kicked my butt, but it felt great finally sweating and doing something for myself! I love how working out makes you feel. It is just getting to the point where you get up and go. If I can do it for one week I think I have it licked! So lets hope I keep up with it. I am so lacking energy and a sort of enthusiasm in my life and they say working out gets those endorphin things a movin' so get movin' endorphins!

I also will stat eating healthier today..well at least for 4 days then we are going camping with my cousins and you know when you go camping one has to have so'mores! But just for the weekend and then back on to healthy. The holidays are coming real fast and we all know that means ... lots of sweets! Got to be ready for those!!

Hopefully tomorrow I am not too sore. I am going to start with White Wednesdays. Found these great blogs and they do White Wednesdays, Black Fridays and so on, so thought it would be fun to get into that sort of blogging.

O I forgot ... on the list of things about me...I love BIG SHIRTS! My girls hate them, but they are so comfortable. Just bought a few men's flannel shirts from Target and love 'em!


Lindsay said...

woo hoo momma!!! first step is just going, so you are on the right track :)you will feel amazing after each work out.

The Shanty Girl said...

I just stopped in to look at your blog off of the Blog links at Count Your Blessings and I love your blog, it is very pretty and your Intro is just awesome! I love old trucks, rust and barns as well! I am a follower!

shirley said...

I just found your blog too and now a happy follower. Yes, holidays are coming and I'm off to do my 3 mile (dvd) walk. I see we have some things in common..I love chips, and hate the way my husband drives..love to walk the cemetery and just recently layed my beloved brother to rest. Blogging is where we all can meet and enjoy 'sister time' and help keep us sane..
nice looking cookies..