Thursday, October 28, 2010

Texas Thursday

Texas Thursday ... you ask whats that? Well since I just moved here to Texas from California only a month ago, there are alot of things that are different out her in this great state! So every Thursday I am going to pick a couple and give my thoughts ... you ready?

The 20 mile per hour speed limits around schools. I have heard of going slower around school areas and I am all for that in protecting our children and even in California we too lower the speed limits around schools when in session, but, I have never seen this Texas way. You all have flashing lights that tell us to slow down ... so everyone is going like 45 mph and in an instant they slow down to a barely crawl at 20 mph ... they keep this 20 mile per hour thing up the entire time and as soon as they hit the line, you would think there was a fire ... varoom, and every one is off like it's a race. It is the funniest thing for us Californians to see!

Another thing that's different here ... round hay bales. Hay bales are square, who ever thought they would be round. Isn't a bale a square, or I thought it was? Maybe they are not called bales maybe they are called hay rounds or something to that sort, but since I don't know any ranchers so cannot ask them. So if there are any Texans out there who ranch or farm, can you let me know what you all call them out here. One thing is for sure, I surely do enjoy driving down the street and seeing a field full of hay .. bales .. or is it rounds?

Well thats the two things for this Thursday ... there are so many more that I am discovering every day! What an adventure.


Lindsay said...

cant wait to see what you think is different compared to me lol

The Shanty Girl said...

I moved from Los Angeles suburbs to Dallas suburbs in 1985, I remember there being alot at the time I thought was different. I missed being able to get to the beach in 30 minutes as well. Now though I guess I am all Texas as I cannot remember any other way! Ranchers still call the rounds of hay a bale, I know a few in Texas and Oklahoma. Welcome to Texas!! It will quickly grow on you

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

They call them rounds here and I love to see them in the fields. I took a photo of them when they were cut this past Fall and entered it in the county fair and won a blue ribbon with it. :)

Tracy is.. said...

Neat ideas. I'm learning a lot from your blogs!