Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday in Texas

It is Thursday and I cannot believe how fast the weeks seem to be going by. I thought when I moved here to Texas and began working remotely from home, I might have more time to do some crafts; but it seems like I have less time to do anything. Maybe I am trying to prove myself to my boss and get some projects out quickly so he knows this working remotely can indeed work...if only he knew how much I want it to.

I still cannot say it feels like I am in Texas, why is that? I am not sure what I was hoping for but it has not happened yet. Maybe I was setting my self up for a fall thinking Texas could and would change everything. What I miss most of California, is first and foremost visiting my son at the cemetary. People say they are with you all the time, and yes he is, but I found comfort going to sit there by him and just talking to him, it seemed more real for me. I miss taking flowers to him and mostly I feel horrible as this Saturday is 5 years since Erich died, and I will not be there to sit by his side. Makes me so sad. I will be moving him here in 6 months but for me that is a long six months. My family thought that's what I should do, so for once I listened to their advice...that doesn't happen much!

Secondly I miss going to work..who would have thought that. I miss the interaction with the friends that I left there and just the interaction with people other than family. Sure I talk with them on the phone, but nothing takes the place of a physical visit. I will be going back in November and December for a few days to work there, so it will be nice to see them all again.

I did start another Photoshop class last night. I really do enjoy those, but there is so much to remember, good thing for notes and books! I would like to get really good at it and then begin working on actual photographs and alter them to various images. Hopefully for Christmas I get my wish and get a camera!!

I am hoping to start a bird house this weekend. Going to my first college football game and am so excited. It is TCU (home team, my family out here are alumni) against BYU! Think it is actually sold out as TCU is 4th inthe country! GO TCU! GO FROGS!!

"First say to yourself, what you would be and then do what you have to do" ... Epictetus