Sunday, October 31, 2010


I did something this weekend I have not done in over 20 years ... I went camping ... and I went camping In Texas for the first time. We went to Meridian sate Park; it was so much fun, I loved it! I went with my cousins and their gang and my husband, my kiddos all I had to work, and they missed out on a great time. I have not sat around a camp fire and talked and heard scary stories in years, and boy does that bring back memories from the old scouting days!!

Meridian Lake ... isn't it beautiful!

My cousin Chris and his son Noah ... break time after a long upward hike!

Wander who's more tuckered out?!

The family hikin'

Tracy, my cousin and I also played the game 'going' on a picnic and she and I got all the way through the alphabet and remembered everything we were bringing on the picnic!! We brought ... Apple juice, Blueberries,Chimichangas, Ding-dongs, Enchilladas, Frankfurters, Guacamole, Hummus, Ice-cream, Jello, Ketchup, Lollipops, M and M's, Nuts, Oranges, Peanut butter, Quesadillas, Rasberries, Spinach, Tacos, Unicorn cookies, Vegetables, Wasabi, Xuaca (some mexican food), Yogurt and Zingers! How about that, I can still remember! We even got her hubby Greg involved in it.

Boy, one thing I didn't really remember how to do and felt like such a clutz, was ride a bike. Sure I knew how to get on a pedal and all but when it came to switching gears going up a hill...that I completely forgot how to do. And, oh one other thing...I gotta get these thighs of mine stronger. Was the last in the pack!!

Meridian State Park was beautiful. Friday night it got real cold, if you walked away from the camp fire it was definitley freezing but something about being all bundled up that makes it very cool! The next night was actually warm but still had to have our campfire. Whats camping without a campfire? Oh one more thing...we had so'mores ... and they were delicious. Hey have you ever watched a marshmellow swell up on the never disappears...hmmm, wander what it does in our stomach!! Who cares right, whats better than a so'more on a cold campfire night sitting with your friends and family ... I loved it!!


The Shanty Girl said...

It looks like you had a lovely trip! I too remember how to ride a but I am afraid my thigh strength would leave me stranded.........and I don't care what marshmellows do to our stomachs it is impossible to camp without having smores!! Thanks for sharing your adventure glad you are enjoying Texas!

Angela said...

Great blog, Sharon! We had soooo much fun with you and Jim. The only thing missing was your kids! Hopefully they can come next time!

Tracy is.. said...

We had so much fun with you! I don't think I'll ever forget our alphabet game! Hope to see you soon Cuzzie xox