Monday, November 1, 2010

We Want Everything For Our Kids

It is so hard to be a mom and not be able to do anything to make your kids happy.My daughter and her hubby came to Texas more as a favor to me than anything, hoping to like it and my daughter would do anything to get back to California.

It is so hard to see how sad and miserable she is in Texas. I so wish I had the resources to help her get back there, but I don't; I wish I knew of someone who had a job opening, but i don't; I wish I knew of someone who could rent them a place , but I don't; is so hard to not be able to help when you see how desperately your child wants something. They are both working here, but they are not earning enough to move out and get an apartment.

They are newlyweds living with their is so not want she dreamed it would be the day she got married. And I feel so much to blame for her situation. I thought it would be so good if we all moved to Texas...what a great place to live, but my girl is a California girl through and through and she wants to get back. I know it will happen, just not fast enough for her. I just wish she could be happy for a bit until they do get enough money to head on back to California.

It is hard to be a mom...we want to help, that never stops. We want our kids happy ... that never ends. I pray everyday my daughter will find some inner solace for now.

To my daughter ... California will be there. Something is keeping you here, just be patient and things will unfold. Never ever give up your dream and always have hope.


Lindsay said...

that was sweet momma :)

shirley said...

would be nice if we could just keep using flintstone band-aides to help heal all the hurts that children of all ages feel in life. We can only hope that they make each day a happy day and pray that good things will come their way. Starting a married life is hard enough today, but if it is strong it will beat the test of time.
Be positive always..

The Shanty Girl said...

When I first came to Tesas it was by necessity not by choice, I missed California so badly. I and my young son moved in with my parents. I dreamed of the day I could move back to California as I too was a California girl through and through. Opportunity in Texas and rents are alot lower than Where I lived in Chatworth California, eventually I moved into my own house and eventually Texas not California become my love. I have a daughter whom is possibly moving to California becuase my Son in Law has family there and has been interviewing. I will miss them and my new grandbaby tremedously.I know it is hard seeing your daughter sad however, whatever is meant to be will be. It is so hard yet so rewarding being a mom!

The Shanty Girl said...

Oh and I wanted to say "your daughter is absolutely beautiful!"