Wednesday, November 3, 2010

White Wednesday

It's White Wednesday again so grab the button and show some of your favorite white things.
About 4 years ago on the first anniversary of my son's death, I wanted to have something that honored him each year, so I went searching for something very special and in my search discovered the most beautiful tiles. They are "Sid Dickens" tiles, handmade into the most beautiful 3-D sculptures. His shop is out of Vancouver Canada. Now every anniversary of my son and every Christmas I purchase one of these beautiful tiles.
Below are the white ones in my collection ...
"The Gift - an infinite moment; survived through forgiveness"

"Victory - with fate's surrender, our love prevails"

"Angelic Spirit - he rode upon a cherub and flewupon the wongs of the wind.

"Ancient Thorn - Holy white and fragrant flower, miracle foreseen by angels"


shirley said...

Dear Sharon,
What a wonderful way to honor your son. These are breathtaking beautiful.
Where do you display them? Are they large tiles?


The Shanty Girl said...

What beautiful things to remember your son by. Very touching and beautiful.