Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christmas Challenge - Day 1

I got this Christmas challenge over at my daughters blog who got it from Ally's blog and thought it might be fun to join in.

I really cannot believe Thanksgiving is here this week and then Christmas. It always seems to just pop up and it's here. It comes and goes so fast and it is the best season of the year. Being in Texas for our first Christmas will be different as I don't get to spend it with my immediate family however my Texas family is great and I know it will be so much fun!

Day One - Christmas Holiday Traditions

* Usually always put up Christmas decorations day after Thanksgiving ... this year however have done it already as I want my cousins to see my house decorated!

* Always watch Miracle on 34th Street while decorating and while putting up our tree. I love the newer version of it... my kids love that movie also!

* Hallmark Ornaments fill my tree - I started a tradition when my kids were born and if there was a series that started the year they were born, I began that with them. My son started off with trains, but Hallmark ended that, then cars, but ended, so after two series ended, I just got him whatever he was interested in that year! My older daughter gets the houses and 27 years later Hallmark still has that series going...I love it. She may be getting tired of them ...but I love em! My youngest daughter ... I get her whatever she is interested in that year and boy does it vary from sports to cooking! I love our tree with all these ornaments...and oh I still have all the ornaments my kids made in elementary school!

* Christmas morning ... always made the kids wait in there room until everyone was ready. I have the cutest pictures of when the kids were little and they would be just waiting to come down stairs or run out of their rooms. Patience kids ...patience! Sometimes just to torture them a bit, I would take my time getting ready!! (lol)

* Oh and the cinnamon rolls. We have to have the canned cinnamon rolls every Christmas ... yummy!

* The last tradition ... to make Christmas last longer, we open gifts one at a time. I love it this way as it lasts about hour and a half, this way the anticipation just builds!

I hope you all join inthe fun at Ally's blog.


Lindsay said...

i think my fav tradition you started is miracle on 34th st.
ok well and opening gifts one by one because it totally makes it last WAY longer :)

Angela said...

I'm the same way about opening gifts ONE BY ONE! I can't STAND it when everyone just rips into their gifts and it's all over in 5 minutes. Beware: Jamie's family does this! It's hard to watch everyone open what you gave them that way, and I like to drag it out as long as possible. Maybe you and I can change things!!!

Jamie said...

It would be nice to open one gift at a time. Good luck with the Drewman children - hahaha!