Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Happy Wednesday! I am so excited to be hooking up with Jamie and Lindsay to do "What I'm Loving Wednesday". My daughter does it and has such sweet things to share so thought I would try it out. Not that I have things to share like she does ...

I love that I am going to visit my aunt and cousin in San Angelo for three days and I get to go to all the antique stores along the way!

I'm loving that I got to relive my daughter's wedding all over again as she just received her wedding video ... what a great day that was!

I'm loving that my husband and I started to yak while away in California!

I'm loving that my family doesn't get mad at me when I don't call them for over a week.

I'm loving that it is finally getting cold outside and I can start wearing sweatshirts.

I'm loving that my family is all together in Texas ... even though

they don't all want to be here.

I'm loving that I got my plastic Starbucks cup yesterday ...

been waiting since last Christmas to get one!

I'm loving that the holidays are here .. I love listening to Christmas music!

I hope you all have a great Wednesday ... and are loving it!


Ashley @ Life Is Beautiful said...

I'm loving all the Christmas music as well!

Lots of Smiles!

Lindsay said...

great post momma :)
yay for the SB cup ;)

Rebekah and Brady said...

I'm loving that the holidays are here too!

Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along!

I can't wait for Christmas and all the decorations and songs that go along with it!