Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 3 Christmas Challenge

Day 3 - Memorable Gifts

How do I cut it down to top two memorable gifts...there have been so many!

The first one is a marble statue of the "Pieta" that my son Erich gave me years ago. It holds special meaning that only a mom who lost a son can sits out and reminds me of Erich everyday...he too understood the meaning of it when he gave it to me.

The second gift is the three mothers rings that my children gave to me ... one for each child with their birthstone. I wear it with my wedding rings every day.

I do have a few more that are real special ...

One is a porcelain fairy ... it is about 30 inches and has the most beautiful face and long red hair. My husband gave it to me on our first Christmas together. And the last one is a stuffed "junk bear" my kids gave me . It is the cutest thing.


shirley said...

Sharon, Just change the rules! Pick all of these and say oh yes, these are my three favorites! Who can argue about that?
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving..