Saturday, November 20, 2010

Back in Town

Back in town from San Angelo. Had a great time visiting with my aunts, uncle and cousins. Saw some beautiful parts of San Angelo I had not seen before. Have not always been crazy about west Texas, but there are some parts that are real pretty. Of course we went to my favorite store in San Angelo, Eggmeyers. Best store ever, has something for everyone! And every time we go we take a picture sitting on the bench in front of the store.

I did a little antique shopping but must not have been in the mood as I did not find anything, came home empty handed, so was a bit disappointed. I think I need lessons in what to look for when it comes to smaller items. I know what I like in larger items and furniture but its the smaller ones not so sure about???

We did do one craft. My cuzin' thought it might be cute to make stockings, but instead of the normal stocking, make them out of UG Boots (not the real ones!). So off we went in search of things to decorate our boots with. It was fun creating these stocking s with them....of course we had input from cuzin's husband, my uncle and aunt and had such a great time ! Of course my cuzin' is not so good with a glue gun and don't know how many expletives were said that night!!

Now off to a busy week with Thanksgiving and all....



Sharon Wengel said...

They turned out cute Sharon, and will look really neat sitting by the fireplace. Glad you had fun.