Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Getting to know me!

My two daughters each have a blog. Lindsay has had hers for awhile and it is so funny and so cute and so much like her personality … asweetamericanhoney.blogspot.com. You have to read it is great. Good entertainment for most days!

Aarika just started her blog today. Her blog is at: beautyinthebutterfly.blogspot.com. She is looking forward to getting it going, she loves to write so I know it will be a great blog.

I am way too serious for a blogger, I need to loosen up. After many weeks of reading Lindsay’s I have come to realize, she is right…get lose mom, enjoy blogging, it can be a lot of fun.

So here goes my first try at it. I am going to do what she did on her blog and that is “Get to Know Me”. This is not going to be an easy task as I do not write about myself and I have always been a serious writer so here we go … lol!!

Writing about my past is pretty boring. They say without your past you wouldn’t be where you are today … well that is certainly true. So I will start off with recent events.

If you really knew me, you would know that …

I have three kids…best things in my life; two gorgeous daughters and one brilliantly, handsome son.

My family changed forever on a Sunday morning 5 years ago. It was the day my son Erich died. The death of a son, and brother changes the family, changes oneself. One can never go back and be the person or family they were the day before. You have to struggle through and become someone different, someone new; you have to rediscover yourself and your family. The dynamics change … the home changes.

My eldest daughter was recently married to a wonderful young man who I adore. He treats her like a princess and she her prince. They are so cute together.

My youngest daughter… A mind of her own and oh so stubborn,. Artistic, fashionable, creative and a heart that melts in an instant!

I married my husband 8 years ago - I knew him in high school. We hooked back up on classmates.com! A wonderful man who would do anything for me … he has a few tricky quirks we are working on, but don’t we all.!

My soft spot is helping others. I would help someone any day before I did something for myself.

I Love taking in kids who are having trouble!

I enjoy chaos and confusion … which means I love having lots of people in my house.

I hate putting silverware away in the dishwasher. Will wash them a thousand times before I have to put them away … really irritates my girls!!

I like to be the one who drives when my husband and I go places. He scares me how he drives. Don’t tell him that but he does. He always brakes too late!

I love going to the movies. I get lost in them. Could sit for hours in a movie theater, but rent a movie and I cannot sit still for 5 minutes.

My passions in life are my kids, writing, creative art, mixed media art, decorating my home; my new found love for Photoshop, riding the wave runner and getting facials!

My dislikes are any cooked vegetable beside corn and peas; never ever give me okra or Brussels sprouts… I will actually throw them back at you!

Ice cream … I do like … but would switch it up any day for a bag of salty chips!

Things I really hate … yearly female checkups. If women had invented medical
equipment, I know they would have invented something besides stirrups! Leave it to a man to leave us wide open on a table! The other is mammogram … I loved the old cliché’ when they say a mammogram is like shutting your boob in the refrigerator door! OUCH.

My fears are trying anything new … is it because I am afraid I will succeed or fail?? Not sure about that one.

Heights- I hate heights. Jumping off a curb scares me.

Making friends ... dreadfully afraid to do that; afraid to open myself up … What would happen if I did, someone would get to know me. Isn’t this what this blog piece is all about, maybe this will help me; something better.

What I still want to do in life; my bucket list …

Write a book.

Be known for something

Create something that is unique to me


Find God in my life

I am sure there will be others as I get use to writing about myself. But for now, that will about do it. Wasn’t as bad as I thought! Hope you enjoyed it!


Lindsay said...

mom i loved this post!!! this is your tur personality...this is how you talk when we all get together, i love seeing it on your blog. i am sitting in here totally lauging at your list...how jim drives, the silverware, EVERYTHING LOL